A few weeks after getting his driver’s license at age 16, Lucky Lehrer drove to (then) Remo’s factory in Van Nuys, CA. and introduced himself.  “They gave me a VIP tour of the factory, which is pretty amazing considering the only “credits” I could show was being first drummer in high-school band.”  Remo’s wisdom of investing in the future continues to pay dividends.  When it came time to decide which drum head company to represent, “Remo was my first choice,” Lucky says.

“For around 50 years, Remo has been the leader in the drum head business.  They continue to come out with new products that improve drumming.  Keep in mind the first drum heads were made from animal skins.  Remo standardized drum heads and made them in such a way they’re less sensitive to heat or moisture, and hold their tune better.”

Expelled from the high-school band for putting his hand too deep in a woman’s French Horn, Lucky decided in 1981 he’d played enough disco music and marches to “graduate” to hardcore music.  Band mates and high school friends with early L.A. punk bands such as The Screamers and Pat Smear (Germs, Foo Fighters).  The Circle Jerks were formed when lead singer, Keith Morris, quit Black Flag.




Influenced by his experience in the U.C. Santa Cruz college jazz band, Lucky introduced elements of swing to the breakneck thrash of speed-metal punk. He wrote such immortal hits as the MTV theme song “Operation.”  Albums such as GROUP SEX rate among the Top Ten records of punk music of all time. “Lucky” was chosen as “best punk drummer” in a reader’s poll published by influential Flipside Magazine.

“Back in the day, it was all about Remo Ambassador™ heads and pin stripes.  Today, I play a new Remo formulation developed in conjunction with DW. Check out http://www.dwdrums.com/heads/  The profile of the crimped collar accommodates all drum brands, and I like the tom-tom batter heads (the top drum head you strike) because they are designed to eliminate overtones.”

For my touring kit, on the resonant side of my bass drum (the side that faces out that you don’t hit), I’m trying six ported vents that John Good of DW developed exclusively with Remo to deliver more bottom end and a fat sound…

Host of the Hardcore Drum Hour on  Drum Channel Lucky hopes to convey enthusiasm for the drums and his passion for drummer education “I have travelled a lot, have all kinds of experiences, and keep my mind open always ready to learn. Lucky’s commitment to drums is being recognized toward the end of 2013 when his custom-built DW kit goes behind glass on permanent display at the Hard Rock Hotel and Museum in Las Vegas, NV.

Lucky's drums are on display at the Hard Rock Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas




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