I’m really flattered. My buddy S.W. Lauden wrote an amazing, indispensable book about punk drummers. This is a one of a kind resource for any drummer today: it’s called “Forbidden Beat.” He covers 60s garage rock, proto-punk, 70s New York and London, 80s hardcore, D-beat, 90s pop punk and new stuff. He asked me to write the Foreword, so I tried my best to set the stage! Plus there’s an amazing graphic-novel-style illustration on the cover. He includes drummers like Ira Elliot, Curt Weiss, John Robb, Hudley Flipside, Bon Von Wheelie, Joey Shithead, Matt Diehl, D.H. Peligro, Mike Watt, Lynn Perko-Truell, Pete Finestone, Laura Bethita Neptuna, Jan Radder, Jim Ruland, Eric Beetner, Jon Wurster, Lori Barbero, Joey Cape, Tré Cool, Marko DeSantis, Mindy Abovitz, Steven McDonald, Kye Smith, Ian Winwood, Phanie Diaz, Benny Horowitz, Shari Page, Urian Hackney, and Rat Scabies. It’s epic. Buy it: you’ll be able to impress people with your depth of punk rock knowledge at any party.