Fun Facts

First started playing drums:  Age 9
First band:  Elementary School Orchestra (Snare Drum). 
First rock band:  Sixth Grade.  We didn’t have a name and only played one song.
First band to get thrown out of:  Junior High School Orchestra (“The music teacher was a babe though”)
First band to learn something:  High School jazz band
Music training: U.C. Santa Cruz, music minor
Favorite drummers: Buddy Rich, John Bonham, Keith Moon, Max Roach, Mitch Mitchell, Charlie Watts.
First punk gig to see:  Sex Pistols, Fillmore West (San Francisco, CA)
First punk band:  The Mystery Spot, Santa Cruz

Move to Los Angeles  

First L.A. band:  Red Cross, with Greg Hetson
Second band to get thrown out of:  Red Cross.   Greg quits a week later.  Simultaneously, Keith Morris quits BLACK FLAG.  Keith knows Roger from THE TERMINALS.  All 4 rent a rehearsal place in the Valley write BACK AGAINST THE WALL. Form the Bedwetters.
Next:  Lucky hates the name “The Bedwetters” and says he’ll take any other name but that.
Then, Keith Morris blindly stabs his finger in a Dictionary of Slang Words and comes up with the name CIRCLE JERKS.  Lucky says “fine.”
Next Day: CIRCLE JERKS’ first gig opening for THE GERMS at King’s Palace, Hollywood, CA.   More gigs to follow.
Favorite Gigs:  Venus’ birthday party at the Stingers in Long Beach, CA; Diana’s birthday party in her parents garage (Seal Beach, CA); USC Frat Party (with Bad Religion); w/ 999 at Hollywood Palladium;  w/ Fear on New Year’s; w/ L.A.’s Wasted Youth at the Whiskey a Go Go, w/ the Dead Kennedy’s at the Mabuhay Gardens in San Francisco. 

Lucky Lehrer young drummer