My Career As a Jerk (2012)

my career as a jerk

Legendary Californian hardcore punk band the Circle Jerks have been immortalized in a documentary, ‘My Career as a Jerk,’ released on Sept. 25. The documentary tells the story of one of punk’s most influential underground acts. Consisting of original Black Flag vocalist Keith Morris and Bad Religion guitarist Greg Hetson, drummer “Lucky” Lehrer and Roger Rogerson (bass) ‘My Career as a Jerk’ aims to add to the legacy of the band, giving their fans another piece of history to grasp onto.


Slog (2009)

lucky lehrer slog movie

The lost subculture of America’s rebellious youth is explored in filmmaker Paul Rachman’s film. Featuring live performances that include the Circle Jerks, and proving that you don’t need radio play to reach an audience. Whether working for a real change or simply attempting to shake things up in the music scene, this band gave a voice to the legions of youthful fans who felt their opinions had been neglected in mainstream society. In this documentary, concert footage combines with interviews to offer a comprehensive look at the musical revolution that defined an era.


American Hardcore (2011)

American Hardcore Movie

Musician-turned-filmmaker David Markey directed this look at the Southern California punk rock scene in the early ’80s. Slog Movie offers a fan’s perspective on the bands and the music that dominated SoCal punk back in the day, and features classic performances from the Circle Jerks and others on-stage at the Whiskey a Go-Go, the Cuckoo’s Nest, Club 88, and other noted venues.


The Decline of Western Civilization (1986)

The Decline of Western Civilization


When it comes to films on the L.A. hardcore scene of the late 70s/early 80s this is as good as it gets! It’s very rare that cameras are around during the genesis of a music movement, and I will be forever grateful that Penelope Spheris was there to capture the beginnings of the LA hardcore scene that was growing out of the ideals and influences of the dying New York & London punk scenes. A great document of that time in music history. For people who liked this era of music, here’s a few other very similar documentary films you might want to check out.


Urban Struggle

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 12.44.46 PM

Locals formed vigilante groups to fight it, Police used legal force to repress it, City officials wanted to ban it entirely. This 1981 feature length documentary was filmed in the early 80’s and exposes the punk rock scene that was going on at the infamous Cuckoo’s Nest club owned by Jerry Roach (source: