Saturday, April 8, was a super fun day at SWING HOUSE SUDIOS that was referred to simply as “Drum Day.” I didn’t have the heart to leave my wife’s dog at home since I knew I would be gone a while. So “Beverly Hills Bella” came along. First up was Tal Bergman, a rock solid drummer who had some great advice for young guys trying to make it in the music industry: learn to play steady simple beats. When Tal broke lose, he never lost track of the tempo. Pic includes Tal and Bella:


That paved the way for one of my favorite all time drummers Aquiles Priester. Here’s a drummer who is incredibly strong and precise, with amazing stamina who plays across a wide number of genres.

Aquiles’ playing will inspire you, it’s awesome anyone can play that well and hit that hard for that long.


Danny Carey, best known for his work with Tool, came up with his band. These guys were super-tight and Danny got a chance to show off some tasty chops. Special thanks to Evans drum head A&R Svengali Marco Soccoli for inviting me….Sooooo much fun!

Two more pics:

The more drummers the more fun; Hanging with Danny Carey (Tool), Jordan Burns (Strung Out) and Tiny Biuso (TSOL)


The night ended late hanging at the Rainbow with music producer Dave Henszey and singer Dan DeLucci who just released a tasty C.D. sampler!

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