Considered the Godfather of hardcore drumming, Lucky was voted the best punk drummer of all time by readers of influential Flipside Magazine. “My style is a combination of Latin and hard “speed rock,” borrowing heavily from childhood exposure to legends like Buddy Rich. Playing extremely fast was considered desirable. I owe a debt of gratitude to pioneer teachers like Murray Spivak plus spending a lot of time with a practice pad and metronome.” Lucky is the only punk drummer to have his picture on the Wall of Fame at the Professional Drum Shop in Hollywood, CA.

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3 Days of Music Fun!

Sometimes there’s people behind the scenes responsible for some of the great moments in music.   Evans Drumhead A&R representative Marco Soccoli maneuvered away from the spotlight to platform music...

DRUM DAY at Swinghouse Studios!

Saturday, April 8, was a super fun day at SWING HOUSE SUDIOS that was referred to simply as “Drum Day.” I didn’t have the heart to leave my wife’s dog at home since I knew I would be gone a while. So...