Considered the Godfather of hardcore drumming, Lucky was voted the best punk drummer of all time by readers of influential Flipside Magazine. “My style is a combination of Latin and hard “speed rock,” borrowing heavily from childhood exposure to legends like Buddy Rich. Playing extremely fast was considered desirable. I owe a debt of gratitude to pioneer teachers like Murray Spivak plus spending a lot of time with a practice pad and metronome.” Lucky is the only punk drummer to have his picture on the Wall of Fame at the Professional Drum Shop in Hollywood, CA.

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New Video Out! #Goals - "Squishy Anthem" DC-Jam Records - Official Music Video Artist Biography: #Goals is a project featuring Circle Jerks alumnus Greg Hetson (guitar, also formerly of Bad Religion), Lucky...

MONDAY FUN DAY – A visit to DW

“You just missed Chad,” DW’s artist’s representative Scott Macartney said, soon as arrived at the DW factory an hour north of Los Angeles. Dang, I thought, I’ve been wanting to say “hey” to Chad...


A friend invited us to visit his new studio in Austin, TX and we jumped at the chance. I’ve heard so many good things about the Austin, I was in a bad mood anyway, totally ready to get out of town. Just...